Meal Planning For Toddlers || Sample Meal Plan for Toddlers

As our children get older our lives get busier. With the fast paced and busy lives we lead sometimes even the littlest things become such a huge chore and so we naturally look for easier alternatives. Meal planning for toddlers is one of the best ways to ensure that they are eating healthy. When I meal plan I never have to worry that he isn’t getting enough or too much of a particular food group. It also limits the amount of over processed and store bought food he is exposed too. Meal planning for toddlers also saves me a lot of time on a day to day basis.

I love to meal plan, you will always catch me spreading the gospel of meal planning because I find it very very useful.

Important nutrients to look out for when meal planning for toddlers

Calcium: Toddlers still have a lot of growing to do and calcium is important for healthy bone and teeth formation, muscle contraction, blood clotting and a lot of other processes in the body.

Good sources of calcium include diary, cereals, vegetables (like spinach, okra and pumpkin leaves) and sweet potatoes

Folate helps our tissues grow and function. It is a critical during periods of rapid growth such as during early childhood. It is found in many whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, meats, eggs, seafood, and grains.

DHA is critical for brain health. It is an unsaturated omega 3 fat that can be found in oily fish like salmon and sardines. Some foods are fortified with DHA like certain brands of eggs or milk. Your body can also make DHA from foods like walnuts and flax.

Iron is very crucial in the early stages of a child’s development. It is important to help the prevention on anemia which when left untreated can affect a child’s growth and development.

Iron is found in meat products, spinach, oatmeal and beans. It’s important to make sure iron-rich foods are eaten with Vitamin C-rich foods like citrus to help the body absorb iron.

Meal Planning For Toddlers

Sample Meal Plan For Toddlers

Oatmeal made with milk topped up with banana and a dash of cinnamon

Breakfast Options

  • Scrambled eggs with sausages
  • Oatmeal made with milk topped up with banana and a dash of cinnamon
  • Moi moi and pap made with milk
  • Homemade yogurt parfait
  • French toast with milk or pap

Lunch Options

  • Spaghettini, ground beef and tomatoes sauce
  • White yam + tomato egg sauce
  • Okro soup and eba
  • Sweet potatoes + chicken
  • Yam porridge and white fish

Dinner Options

  • Beans + fish in tomato sauce
  • White rice in tomato sauce + chicken
  • Fries + chicken with tomatoes sauce
  • Peanut butter sandwich + pap
  • Fried plantains + eggs


  • Carrot sticks
  • Homemade baby biscuits
  • Apple slices
  • Oat cookies + grape juice
  • Banana

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This meal plans offer recipe and meal suggestions for your child. They are not designed to replace your doctor’s recommendations, nor do they take into account special nutritional needs, including allergies and intolerances. The meal plans suggest serving sizes that may or may not be appropriate for your child. Please consult your doctor to determine what is best for your child.


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