6 Key Principles To Living Life Intentionally

Living life intentionally doesn’t always come easy to us. We live in a fast-paced world and it is becoming increasingly easy to get lost in the middle of it all. We don’t always realize how far we have drifted until everything becomes impossible to ignore.

Studies have shown that people are happier and healthier when they are living life intentionally, regardless of their economic or social status. The importance of living life intentionally and deliberately cannot be overstated and yet I struggle with being intentional on a day to day basis. Here’s the good news, I get better with every effort and every day that goes by.

So, in this post I am sharing a couple hard truths I had to tell myself; 6 key principles to living life intentionally.

Life is a conundrum of the choices we make

This is something we hear very often but a lot times it can go over our heads. The message gets lost because of how often it is said. But still it is as simple and clear now as it was always meant to be. The life we have is a product of all the choices we make. Finally digesting this and allowing it to become part of me, was a major key and forward step to being deliberate and intentional with my life.

Understanding the concept of cause and effect

This is really the logical next step once you can grasp the concept of life as a product of the choices you make. We have to make choices, we have to take steps to get the ball rolling. But while at it, it is paramount that we always remember that our actions – and inaction – all have consequences. It helps me prepare for and weigh each decision properly.

Examine your surrounding and yourself

No man is an island and life can not be lived in a vacuum. I am learning the importance of taking a step back to properly examine the people I let into my life. The people you surround yourself with will form a current and determine what direction the river that is your life is going to flow in. It is quite simple, you will have a difficult time “flowing” upstream if the people in your life are pulling you downstream.

Decide to live for yourself

Sometimes it seems easier to just give in and do what others want. Especially when the things you want are far off from what everyone else wants for you. But here’s the thing, everyone gets just one shot. So I try to live life for myself. There is no point wasting my only shot trying to live on the terms that other people have laid down. Especially considering the fact that everyone is really just doing the best they can.

Set your goals and remain focused on them

Setting goals is one of the best ways I have introduced intentional living into my life. They help move us forward when they are in line with our purpose. It is also one of the best ways I remind myself to stay on track and remain focused on what is most important.

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Never stop learning

No one person knows it all. No one person has all the answers.

Successful people are those with a constant curiosity and the humility to ask questions and to learn.

So never stop learning; from others and from previous versions of yourself.

Bottom line: There truly isn’t any cut and dry method to achieving a purposeful life and it is imperative that we don’t just drift through life. We must always strive to live intentionally and on purpose.

I hope this message helps you and I hope you remember always remember that change is inevitable but growth is intentional.

Love and Light…


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